Which linux-ready gaming titles have you snatched from the steam winter sales?
Which titles are you ready to play on your linux-powered machine, be it pc or steam deck? I'm having a blast with Death Stranding (albeit performance can be a little groggy on my dated i5-7500); I then plan on playing DOOM (2016) and Hades.

1080 TI vs Rx Vega 64 with Pop OS
I'm getting handed down either 1080TI or Rx Vega 64. 1080TI definitely has better benchmarks however how is experience of them being used on Linux (I use Pop OS)? If Rx Vega provides stable / reliable experience then I would pick that. [EDIT/UPDATE]: picked up rx vega, pretty good out of the box experience

Arcane Cache - Review blog for underground indie games
The [Arcane Cache]( reviews games that fly beyond the radar of the big gaming sites and blogs. I focus on amateur games and niche productions. Since I play exclusive with Linux, all games I review run native or with wine.

Nobara Project - The fedora distro with preinstalled packages to make gaming easier for linux newcomers!
**Some of these patches include:** - kernel patched with cherry-picked zen patches - kernel patched with OpenRGB - kernel patched with AMD CPCC - kernel patched to enable amdgpu for pre-polaris cards by default instead of radeon - kernel patched with steam deck support - kernel configured with ashmem, binder, and android support for Waydroid - kernel patched with windows surface support - kernel patched with asusctl patches for better asus laptop compatibility.

Gaming on the GNU/Linux operating system.

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