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Yes, but improve how? The interview tells us more about where the interviewee is on the spectrum of the 7 stages of grief in regards to Twitter than it does about possible ways to make the Fediverse more welcoming for BIPOCs. That it is too “white” can only be fixed by more BIPOCs joining, so that circular logic brings us nowhere.

Well IANAL, but the main concern raised in this article seems to be GDPR related questions of sharing of personal data. The GDPR however has a relatively narrow definition of what “personal data” means. Public posts are AFAIK not “personal data” under the GDPR.

To my knowledge Mastodon does not exchange “personal data” as defined by the GDPR (such as email addresses etc.) between instances.

Hmm, that was a long and convoluted read.

He kinda makes some vague valid criticism, but no real suggestion on how to improve things. And the few things that he does suggest (all black instance) he realized himself are not really a good idea and overall are quite unimaginative of what we could build in the Fediverse together.

And ultimately he seems to fall back to an apologetic stance on Twitter (“not that bad”, “black people can endure that”, “in spite of all the problems”) and a “grass isn’t greener” type of argument based on the fear of losing the network-effect that Twitter offers.

Dunno… I admit that as a white person I cannot fully grasp the “inherent whiteness” of the Fediverse in its full extend, but the argument brought forward in this interview leaves me less than convinced that this is really the main problem. It seems more like he is grasping for arguments for why the “Black Twitter” he got used to and is apologetic about needs to somehow survive the Musk takeover.

While some of its features could improve the quality of public discourse, disadvantaged communities might be excluded. […] This is already happening. Some Black users have reported levels of racist abuse unseen on commercial platforms.

That is a steep claim backed up by literally nothing in the article, not even a single link. It might be true, but I find that a bit hard to believe as the Mastodon community specifically has a reputation for being especially protective of minorities.

The later argument that people from poorer countries can not afford to run their own servers is also IMHO misleading. First of all it isn’t that expensive, and secondly efforts by large corps such as Facebook to bribe local ISPs to allow free access to Facebook (and Facebook only) did not improve the situation for these poorer communities, in fact it prevented them from participating on equal footing on the internet as it kept prices for real internet access artificially high in many places.

Or you know… there are terms pre-dating the Reddit circle jerk and have been used by Marxists for more than 100 years.

You said the same thing last spring about the situation right now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please back that up with real sources, because you are extremely misinformed as I have already proven to you multiple times based on data you shared yourself.

And in a similar vein, you recently shared data about the energy sources China is using and they clearly showed that China is getting hardly any energy from Russia right now or in the past. Its mostly coal mined in China, plus an increasing percentage of nuclear and renewables.

I honestly don’t know any more what else to say… data from sources you shared yourself clearly proof you wrong and yet you continue to claim the same falsehoods. I think you need to sleep over this as you are not being rational any more.

Why do you think the US has just launched one of the biggest rescue plans ever for their economy via the “Inflation Reduction Act” that is all over the news? The issues are real and global. China is also seeing extreme economic difficulties ahead by all measures even their own manipulated data. Europe is not uniquely effected, it is just that the local neo-liberal elites see it in their interest to blame the issues on the war in Ukraine, or rather what is (rightly) widely perceived as the cause of that, i.e. the Russians.

Indeed the Chinese have a better plan for the transition to renewable energy (despite still being deeply dependant on fossil fuel, more so then Europe)… but the main reason why Europe doesn’t have a good plan is precisely because they got all that cheap gas from Russia. Germany even reduced their renewable energy production and replace it with natural gas plants in recent years. But you are again just trying to change the topic…

I never once said there aren’t economic problems. But they are predominantly caused by effects of the global pandemic and various dysfunctionalities of the late stage capitalism we find ourself in. Obscuring this fact by harping on about the relatively minor effect of the stop of gas exports from Russia and the economic sanctions is just playing into the hands of neo-liberals and right-wing demagogues as I tried to explain to you multiple times now.

There are certainly many challenges ahead of us to transition to a more sustainable economy, but claiming that there is no alternative to fossil fuels in the short term as you have repeatately done (while harping on about the “successful” transition in China the same time) is again just playing into the hands of neo-liberals and right-wing demagogues. But apparently that is too difficult to understand for you.

The protests are all over Europe.

Source? Because as a local I can tell you there aren’t any. Please share all those reports of protests all over Europe /s I wish there were some proper protests against the astonishing levels of bad governance here, but currently it isn’t happening.

absurd to claim that British neocon media would be pushing a narrative that encourages the end of the war.

Its only absurd when you have a total lack of understanding what is really happening. Public opinion polls still show broad support for Ukraine (and high economic anxiety). Thus by blaming the economic issues purely on the “evil Russians” they found a convenient scapegoat knowing full well that this will never result in increased support for leftist ideas.

Don’t miss that you can scroll the table to the right then ;)

What “mass civil unrest”? Those relatively rich petty bourgeoisie farmers in the Netherlands protesting environmental regulations which has nothing to do with energy prices? Or those few thousand people protesting in Moldova due to being highly effected by the war in Ukraine next door?

If anything, the narrative that the issues are mainly caused by the sanctions and the cut of energy exports from Russia (which they arn’t) is stabilizing the system. Which is precisely why those right-wing tabloids and neo-liberal publications from the UK are not afraid of pushing that narrative.

Nice feature table to compare them.

The “elephant in the room” that is maybe responsible for 10-15% of the overall problems we see in Europe. I have shown you this multiple times now. It just doesn’t fit the narrative that you are so stuck to, hence you keep ignoring the facts.

Failing to understand what is causing the majority of the economic issue of the people (as I have shown to you multiple times already now, using data from sources you yourself shared), is a sure way to fail improving the economic conditions of people.

That might have been true at Orwell’s time, but these days with traffic as bad as it is and lack of parking space, I think the real value proposition that people get from cars is driving around in their own private space. I still think we should not value that over human life (although traffic accidents are probably less relevant over the environmental pollution cars cause these days), but when advocating against cars it is better to understand why people cling to them, and speed usually isn’t it.

Trust me, we had the same discussion for a long time already in Europe. Its not as easy as you think it is, and the rise of the populist right is largely because the center-left parties thought they could do what you propose.

Sounds good. How is the Hexbear upstreaming coming along? I haven’t heard much about it since some time.

There is an economic problem due to various factors, but over-simplifying it on lack of cheap energy is only playing into the hands of populist right-wing demagogues and is also preventing the urgently needed transition to renewable energy sources.

And just to repeat: what you are advocating has been tried by left parties in Europe for years and it isn’t effective either.

At best you are being a useful fool by pushing the same agenda as populist right-wing parties. Left wing European parties have tried and failed to capture the same demographic for years and it isn’t working (and it is IMHO counter productive).

And you are very selectively choosing right-wing western mainstream media as those are the only ones pushing the same right-wing populist agenda.

It might not be openly right-wing, but it is pushing the exact same agenda as right-wing European parties (AfD, Front National, PVV etc.) do. I think it is mostly done due to being terribly uninformed and trying to stan current Russian interest, but the fact remains that he is using right-wing media sources to push his agenda.

I don’t really mind someone else taking over moderation of the community as I am mainly concerned about the total moderation vacuum on that community, but to be honest if the community continues to be a home to spreading blatantly false miss-information I will not be interested in contributing any further.

> At the moment, half of the country's reactors are offline because of ongoing or delayed maintenance, or corrosion problems. The new generation of power stations has yet to be built. As a result, France will be "a major importer of electricity this winter" to compensate

Requesting /c/Europe
Moderator is clearly absent and it is being spammed by a certain user with right-wing tabloid articles.

Has some interesting figures, but so it begins: reading between the lines they are evidently running out of VC funding and corporate funding is also not going well. So likely their current funders will try to sell off Element to someone else while it still looks good and then the user squeeze will start shortly after.

See also: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/nov/24/green-technology-precision-fermentation-farming