Ask for communities
Hi everyone! This is the thread to ask for the creation of a community or for the mod permissions of one already created. Now that we are still small I think it's better to not divide topics into too many communities, that's why I've set this limit :) Don't be shy, everyone is accepted!

Cross post from to like reddit and other bigger sublemmies
To bring more people to this instance. Crossposting to reddit is a super manual process but brings in fresh blood

A discord. Not that we have a partnered section, but is there anywhere else we could list them back aside from this post? Also the discord admin signed up here

no transparency would be better tho. cross-posted from: > ![]( > > ![]( > > software: [Stylus]( (firefox addon) > > theme-repo: [2xx04/lemmy-ui-themes]( We can make a theme via: You can submit pull requests with your themes for the webclient to its repository here:

Energy community?
Do you think we should have a !energy community to talk about production of energy? I have some doubts because the low energy solutions have already place in their own category and mass energy production is hard to discuss and make/build in a solarpunk way…

List instance on
Hi! Lemmy's official software site has a list of public instances and I noticed that isn't included. I think that this site could gain long-term exposure to more potential users by asking the site admins to add this instance to that list.

Solarpunk theme
None of the themes look very solarpunk, but it could be cool if someone were to add in a solarpunk theme. There is a solar theme already, but it doesn't look at all 'solar' imo. About funding, (I cant see that post with this acct) even if operating costs are 15$, i think you should try to do the coop/donation idea. If you make more than the operating costs, the revenue can be used for outreach/promotion

Spam Rule Verbiage Clarification
Coming from a large sub, people will eventually try to nitpick with verbiage. I think it may be prudent to separate the "unless linking to..." second half of the No SPAM rule to its own, differently worded rule encompassing the allowance of regulated/occasional sharing of relevant but external work that they directly represent. My $.02

Here we can discuss anything about this instance itself.

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