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Small meta update: []( transferred the ownership of the domain to me today. I hope he will be still around as an admin, but as we are preparing to migrate this Lemmy instance to my server it is easier that I am also in control of the domain. There might be some outage while the domain is being transferred to my DNS registrar. Sometimes before March 2023 we need to transfer the actual instance from the current hosting kindly provided by the Lemmy developers (the one year free offer). I hope to be able to provide an as good if not better hosting (also within the EU), but it remains to be seen how that works out. In case you are wondering: I am just some guy hosting various FOSS stuff privately, so no commercial entity or anything like that involved. Given that this will be technically a transfer of personal data under the GDPR regulations (and Lemmy doesn't have any specific GDPR compliance tools) I would like to kindly ask people with a account to object here in the comments if they do not agree to me taking over. In that case I will remove their account from the database once I transfer it to my server. Or even better: just delete your account in the coming weeks. Once things are safely transferred I will probably look into enabling additional services. My initial plan is to make XMPP chat rooms and maybe linked accounts available under the same domain. Oh and if you are an active member and are interested in becoming an admin please send me a DM. No need to be a sysadmin, as moderation etc. also needs additional help. For now there is no option or need to donate, but I might put up a small donation link in the future if there is a demand for it.
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As explained previously, this instance is still running on the Lemmy dev's free hosting offer which was graciously extended (thx!) a bit for me to look into transferring it to my own server. I haven't been making as much progress with it as I hoped in recent weeks (due to various factors), but to be honest the little work that I did put into it made me realize that I am really not a big fan of the tech-stack that Lemmy uses. As I have been running and using some other Fediverse software, I also realized that the communities-only nature of Lemmy is isolating it from the rest of the Fediverse and to be honest I am not too happy with the homegrown community lately. So I am seriously considering a reboot of using a different software and now might be a good time for it as there are only very few active users of this instance and I have to transfer it to my server soon anyway. Options that I considered are Pixelfed (for a more creators/artist focussed instance), Akkoma (to be closer to the main Fediverse) and the new Kbin. The linked roadmap convinced me that Kbin might be the best option. It uses a tech-stack I am much more familiar with and combines Lemmy like communities with Mastodon like microblogging. So while I have not 100% made up my mind yet, consider this an early warning that this instance is probably going to undergo some major changes and if you would prefer to stay on Lemmy, it might be better to migrate your account somewhere else. However Kbin is in theory compatible with Lemmy, so it might end up not such a big change after all. Do note however that there is no migration path, so accounts and communities would need to be re-created. Let me know what you think :)

Not sure what is happening, but since a few days this instance is experiencing some strange issues with votes from some instances not being federated and thus new posts from other sources not showing up on the feeds. I am pretty sure it isn't related to anything I did so far and suspect it is some sort of backend bug.

i think i fcked up
i uploaded some memes.. and stuff... now cant upload pics anymore.. sorry. :) thank u a lot, super cool stuff! I will call some peepz to join!

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What other services would people be interested to have available via Keeping in mind that it should not be too resource heavy on the server I was thinking of maybe a [Bookstack Wiki]( for collaborative writing of fiction and non-fiction? A XMPP chat service would also be easy to add. Sadly Lemmy currently AFAIK offers no account integration options, so that will make things a bit annoying.

New Admin here
Hi everyone here on You probably know me from moderating I was asked to join the admin team here and was thinking of moving my main account to a different instance anyways. We will probably also move this Lemmy instance to my server when the one year free offer from the Lemmy devs runs out early next year. I hope to run it on a very efficient ARM server powered by solar PV, but that might come a bit later :)

I posted some [content]( in Now, When I try to post it again here, I show it under "These post may be related". I am more than happy to use cross-posting, but I see no way to do it in either direction. Should I go ahead and post it from scratch or is there any way to crosspost, and I just could'n see it?

Hi! Lemmy's official software site has a list of public instances and I noticed that isn't included. I think that this site could gain long-term exposure to more potential users by asking the site admins to add this instance to that list.

Spam Rule Verbiage Clarification
Coming from a large sub, people will eventually try to nitpick with verbiage. I think it may be prudent to separate the "unless linking to..." second half of the No SPAM rule to its own, differently worded rule encompassing the allowance of regulated/occasional sharing of relevant but external work that they directly represent. My $.02

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