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Arcmage - Introduction
# Arcmage - Free card game ## Introduction Hello everybody! We're Franzo, Yusf, Jesusalva, Bikepunk, Nico and many, many others from [](, we’re a community of free culture-loving individuals, creating a high quality customizable card game (e.g. like Magic: The Gathering) that is open, innovative, free & gratis. The game is playable both with real cards as well as online in the browser. ### A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY Arcmage has a very long history and was born in 2016 as a successor to []( (2010-2013). We had in mind to create a community driven, fun, fantasy strategy game without artificial card scarcity or pay-to-win. Only your imagination, your deck building skills and your game tactics decides the outcome. Lately we made great improvements to the online game experience working on the [aminduna browser client](, and we'll continue to further improve the game and would love some feedback! As usual, we'll also release an entirely new set of cards next Fall! (SET 5 - Changing Winds). ### A COMMUNITY DRIVEN CCG What we offer is pretty unique: a chance to play and/or co-develop a free and open source customizable card game (CCG) with a proven track record of getting things done. Join the community and suggest new cards, give input on the rules, or just play for fun and for free. Anybody could play it for free (donations appreciated) :-) You can also buy the cards from the website and play with your friends! Or print them and start playing right away. You might want to [read the rules]( and try out [arcmage online]( (no adds, no registration, no tracking) or follow our [mastodon]( page where we publish all the new stuff about the game. You can also join our [Matrix](! room and play some matches with us! See you there, the []( team ### LINKS - Play online with a friend (or us): - Getting started rules (pdf): - Mastodon: - Matrix:!

"The base game has been replicated fully: you can complete the main quest and addon." [Recent video](

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