Recently I am considering more and more moving my primary pc to a Linux distro. Somewhat for privacy issues but also to have more control over my system and to reduce the amound of advertising that windows keeps cramming in my face. Specifically I’m looking at Zorin. I was wondering what thoughs people here had on it.

I predominantly use my pc for gaming with friends. Almost entirely through Steam and we use discord to communicate. I’m mostly just curious if anyone here has had much experience with Zorin and whay they thought of it as a daily driver for gaming.

  • ProdigalFrogA
    37 months ago

    Zorin is a solid beginner Distro, and should work well for the tasks you listed.

    If you’ve never used linux before, personally I would recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon edition, for the main reason being it has by far the nicest, most polished appstore of any distro, which I think is an important feature for new users.

    However, Zorin has a cool feature with the ability to change the style of the interface to mimic other OS’s, and the default themes look cooler than Mint’s.

    Both would serve you well. ExplainingComputers on youtube does a good in depth video on both distros.

    • @Grenfur@lemmy.zipOP
      17 months ago

      I’ve had a few people mention mint. I’ll definitely give it a look. Probably try and dual boot on my current rig and poke around a bit. I have a little experience with Linux but nothing major and the options are a bit overwhelming.

      I greatly appreciate the yt recommendation though. I’m always looking for solid sources of info and am happy to do more research once I have a little direction. Thank you kindly :)