• poVoqA
    41 year ago

    I agree. While the initial implementation proposal is hardly better than an RSS feed bot on Mastodon, it does lay the groundwork for true ActivityPub federation it seems. Discourse is a large complex software; Federation will not happen over night.

    • Michael K Johnson
      11 year ago

      @poVoq I think it’s noticeably better than an RSS feed bot merely as described; it won’t require a bot polling, should have immediate delivery, and it will be manageable from within Discourse configuration.

      Additionally, it looks like it would not be much work to extend it to support inReplyTo so that responses in Discourse show up as threads.

      There’s been a lot of conversation on meta.discourse.org about how bidirectional federation could work reasonably within Discourse’s design eventually, and I think I’d be interested in that direction, but I’ll also note that Discourse can be configured to enhance searchability and at least on the instances I run, it is configured that way because being able to discover the information is the point. Anyone pushing for full bidirectional sync between the Fediverse and Discourse should keep this in mind before complaining about the lack of full bidirectional integration.