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it’s just me that’s going to be using whatever it is, i plan to host a Nextcloud, probably a Matrix server using Synapse, a website, and email. i have an Ethernet cable ready to go, but i’m using someone else’s internet at the moment (with their knowledge and approval).

i’ve been looking at Pine64 SBCs, but i’m open to anything as long as it’s not a Raspberry Pi

  • @salarua@sopuli.xyzOP
    110 months ago

    i mean, email isn’t a huge priority for me. i do want to have a Matrix server and a media server though. i’d take your advice, but i’m fresh out of old laptops at the moment. i would get a System76 Meerkat if it wasn’t just a little overpowered for what i need. do you know of anything with a similar form factor and 4 gb RAM (or at least where i can look for something like that)?

    • poVoqMA
      310 months ago

      Get an old refurbish hp thin-client or a thinkpad then. Something sub 200$ with at least 4 threads and upgradable to at least 8gb ram and sata ssd storage. Laptop has the advantage of built in battery (UPS) and screen/keyboard in case you mess something up.