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Crossgeposted von: > Also check out their [XMPP MUC](

pooza/tomato-shrieker multi source to AP / Lemmy post bot
Read-me in Japanese, but it can take sources like RSS or Twitter and repost them on Lemmy and a few other ActivityPub compatible software as well as to webhooks of various chat software.

Hi, I have two self-hosted instances: (peertube in docker) and (yunohost with several services/apps). The content there and intended use is in the general area of practical SP, degrowth and social permaculture, liberally laced with anarchist, kolapsnik and hacker attitude. I am not technical enough to keep them tidy, nor I have enough time to dig into it (some serious offline projects recently got traction). Is it possible to find some help here, to keep those VPS going and growing? I have no money to pay, so it is a solidarity / mutual aid call. Few major challenges here: - cleaning up the peertube instance after crude manual migration from different domain. - replacing existing Osada instance (soon to expire) with something better (??? friendica ???) - secure XMPP server configuration. (some minor nuissances as well)

Hello friends, I am slowly getting into selfhosting and trying to convert my old Lenovo X230 laptop into a homeserver that I will use for backups, cloud storage and a few services for my friends. What's is your setup? What are you doing with it or what are you planning to do with it? P.S.: The laptop screen is usually turned off of course :) website
Kinda extreme though 😅

Seafile or other alternative to Nextcloud
cross-posted from: > Is Seafile any good? It's similar to nextcloud, but apparently faster etc. > > > > > > Mobile apps both have pretty bad ratings on the app stores. > > What would you host for yourself, friends and family, basic dropbox functionality is all I need. > > I have hosted Nextcloud in the past but it's a huge program with way too many tools, apps and a complicated way to update, the end result is often a slow and not very comfortable way to use the aforementioned basic dropbox functionality.

A bit more focus on energy efficient computing at home?
There are already loads of "selfhosted" communities, mostly focusing on software run on VPS. I think it would be nice to have a community here that is focusing a bit more on the []( ethos and cool stuff like [off-grid solar powered websites](

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