• Centillionaire
    65 months ago

    You mean a business wasn’t hiring enough staff to fix issues with scan and shop. That’s the issue.

  • punkisundead [they/them]M
    45 months ago

    Since then, Yvette’s pulled the same “trick” four times, although she insists she doesn’t see herself as a shoplifter and is “a goody goody” by nature: “I earn a reasonable amount in my senior position, drive an SUV, and live in a desirable postcode. Before my divorce, our girls attended private school.”

    Hahahahaha “I am not stealing because i am actually rich”

    Definitely helps lifting when you walk around with that mindset and with the look for it

    • FiveOPA
      35 months ago

      Shoplifting is definitely a case where privilege makes a big difference. White people in my area will shoplift even though they don’t need it and then distribute the food to homeless people.