This is a big deal because it means that it no longer suffices for Biden to win MI + WI + PA + the solid blue states; he would need to win at least one other swing state in order to be re-elected.

    • @silence7OP
      1011 days ago

      Good or bad, what matters to him (and other Republicans) is that they see it as benefiting their billionaire patrons.

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    512 days ago

    This is the best summary I could come up with:

    Jim Pillen ® endorsed switching the state to a “winner-take-all” system for Electoral College votes on Tuesday, a change that would bring the state in line with the rest of the country and could tip the 2024 election.

    Only Nebraska and Maine assign Electoral College votes by district.

    In most elections, Republicans take two and Democrats take one of the state’s votes, though the third is tightly contested.

    State legislators introduced a measure to implement the winner-take-all system in January, which Pillen endorsed.

    “I call upon fellow Republicans in the Legislature to pass this bill to my desk so I can sign it into law.”

    If the bill were to go into effect for the 2024 election, it could cost President Biden an Electoral College vote.

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