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  • True, but if you’d look at social media we might judge that they helped in a large part with the spread of fascism we see today. If that fascism leads to massive genocide there is a question: If the CEOs of social media deliberately or out of “malicious ignorance” help with that, aren’t they at least partially responsible? Capitalists wield immense power while shielding themselves by arguing simplistic ethics like “I own it so I can do what I want, and people can say what they want” while obscuring predictable consequences of these systems.

    And the current rise of fascism could easily create a much higher body count via nuclear war.

    For example, if Elon Musk somehow manages to get Trump elected by manipulating Twitter (unlikely now) and Trump destroys the world, he’d be similarly guilty as Goebbels.

    PS: I’m not really seriously arguing this, but I think this isn’t completely without merit.