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    The trial is currently going on in Oxford and I think is going pretty well. The primary issue I’ve found is that the infrastructure just isn’t good enough to keep up with this use, and so pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter riders are all uncomfortably close together considering their vastly different speeds.

    If we improve the infrastructure though, I think they’re great.

  • I feel the pain, I also really want it to be open source (and I think it’s funny that they talk about most of the community plugins being open source as a plus, but don’t recognise how that could be a plus for the app as well if they open sourced it).

    As for missing bits of LogSeq, I use both LogSeq and Obsidian together. I have my LogSeq graph and Obsidian vault use the same folder, and have them configured so they use the same default folders and date formats. It works quite well for me

  • FWIW I was using LogSeq for a while because I wanted a FOSS obsidian equivalent… As I discovered, it isn’t really an equivalent at all, it’s very much it’s own thing. One thing LogSeq really doesn’t do well is long form notes, I tried using it in combination with Zettlr for long form notes, which was good when I was doing my academic and engineering work, but didn’t really fit with my personal notes very well.

    I recently decided to try LogSeq and Obsidian together and so far I’m finding it really works well. I treat LogSeq as my daily notepad, I put in my tasks and small thoughts. I use Obsidian for my more permanent, bigger notes about things. My LogSeq graph and Obsidian vault are the same folder, and I have it configured so both use the same date format and assets folder. The only thing I’ve yet to check is if I can use YAML front matter in LogSeq in place of their style of front matter, because they would make the notes fit together much better.