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  • I might arrive a bit late to the party, but I don’t feel an aesthetic is necessarily tied to an ideology or a way of thinking. You can see that with solarpunk aesthetic (greenery, livability and all that sort of stuff) os used by totalitarian regimes and capitalist companies.

    Although it is true some aesthetics and styles always carry the nostalgia of their previous uses, as is happening in your case, I think claiming, reclaiming or simply broadening the use of a specific style is accomplishable and not unheard of. In that spirit, I would suggest we keep using them and tweaking the topics shown to move away from a possible corporativist/capitalist reading and make the message of sostenibility more clear.

    Wether this type of artistic approach shows a remotely realistic future and if this mught pose a problem, and wether companies making green efforts carries more problem than benefits, are both topics worth thinking about; I feel this play also an importan role in the way you feel towards Frutiger Aero.

  • For livable and more relaistic purposes, I say a joined aesthetic is almost impossible. Solarpunk has a lot of communal elements in it, so cultural differences would be a big deal, and also, as you say, enviroments can vary a lot, so even the widespread notion of greenery might not be practical in deserts or tundras.

    Maybe the more general hints of solarpunk could be man grown plants and some form of green power source, even though it will vary depending on the region. As for the rest, I feel there are too many facets to cover, as you show in your postcards; abandoned cities, small mountain villages, desert plains, so many styles of farming…

    As for your art, I would say it’s a second stage inside of the movement. It’s not the type of artwork you show people without context, I would do that with the more green utopia ones with blue sky; but when showing your postcards, I would also show their explanation, they need the context of the movement and of themselves. The first stage is for getting poeple interested with a nice view (and here common themes are more consolidated), but the second one is as personal (or communal) as any implementation of solarpunk features in real life.

    (I’m not sure I made myself clear :$, just let me know if I haven’t)

  • This is quite a hard topic. If you look for solarpunk clothing online, you’ll find fashion clothing mostly in green and with leaf patterns or such, like this, but I find this to be too unrealistic, as most designer fashion, in the sense that nobody would wear that in a daily context.

    But actual wearable solarpunk clothes, at least for me, would be a mix of work-focused very resistant clothing, like this work overalls or this cargo pants, with a mix of weather thoughtful pieces of clothing, like this cross pants, which are quite fresh while protecting your legs from scrapes, or, if you lean more into breaking the gender-norm, some long loose dresses are quite comfortable, specially in hot weather (and the flow is so nice!)

    In my opinion, any durable and useful piece of clothing can be considered solarpunk, even more if it is field-work or nature-oriented, like mountain boots or cargo pants (also, any patched clothing does the trick, although it’s best that it happens organically rather than buying it). And as a final personal note, I find colourful or patterned clothes quite nice when they’re not overwhelming, so for example cross pants or a loose oversized shirt, although it is quite uncommon in male clothing (I could not find a picture of T-shirt and shirt other than with the flannel shirts or plain ones) and I’m not sure how environmentally friendly cloth dye is (but the same could be said about the clothing industry altogether). Hope this helps, even if just a bit :)

  • I really enjoy this “down to earth” artistic takes on solarpunk. Usually, I enjoy when art pieces have an undertone of fantasy or unrealism, since that allows for highlighting some key aspects of whatever is in focus. But this way of depicting something I can very much see happening right now, specially with all the backstory/documentation you’ve added, makes for a very piece. Congratulations! I hope to see more of your work around :)

  • I partially agree, but ransacking broken technology does not need to make the building unsuitable for other community functions, quite the contrary, it could even help. For example, a decayed server room can be dangerous due to heavy metals or other components and would serve no real purpose to a community-oriented building (as well as so many satellite dishes). So the raiding could both make use of the materials and make the building safe for other uses.

  • The Metropolitan is such a nice pen. I had it as one of my firsts and recently found it laying around and brought it into my currently inked pens again. Such a nice feeling of nostalgia! :D

    I think Black/Green would be nicer for longer texts, but the other inks are dark enough already, so emerald brings some shine to the trio, good choice! And I simply have to complement you on the pairing of inks with pens, trully magnificent!!!

    Hope you enjoy them a lot more, and hope to see yor handwriting around too ;)

  • If you suffer from it also while being around it, it might be time to get rid of it, sadly :( But if it is just when cutting it, wearing a ffp2 mask or similar makes a huge difference, or at leat it does for me (Also rolling around in it might not be a great idea XD). Other than that, just power throught the 2 weeks/ month the worst part lasts for I guess, at least the bees will keep you company :)

  • I think that replying to a wrong answer with its correction or a reason why it is wrong should do the trick in your scenario. I don’t think most people write a wrong reply knowing it is wrong (In which case it is the moderator’s job to act upon misinformation), and not being able to downvote them spares them of the unnecesary -100 votes to a mistake. This works much better here than in Reddit, since the communities are not that big and these sort of comments would not be swallowed by the rest, but even in Reddit, what made me realize comments were wrong was the replies to them, and not necessarily the downvotes.

    And as for personal oppinions, I feel like in real life we don’t use “downvotes”. If I like what you say, I hang out with you, if I don’t, I simply won’t be around you, I don’t go tellig other people “beware of that person”. So I don’t see the need to bring that to an online community.

    But again, you probably have more experience in the matter, so take my opinion with a grain of salt :)

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    What do you mean typo? I am clearly talking about the typicalgardenss on the back of a tardigrade, clearly XD. I’m used to handwriting, and I have typoes everywhere, so sorry in advance hahaha.

    I like the modern art planter thingie, not so sure I can find a lot of stuff with the name written on it though. Let’s see where these searches take me. Thanks for the ideas! .