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With army troops on the ground, the navy will patrol rivers and confiscate miners' boats and dredges while the air force will control the airspace, intercept suspicious planes and force them to land, Defence Minister Jose Mucio says.

The search for the missing capsule captured the world’s imagination, but radioactive material goes awol about 100 times a year around the world, says Dr Edward Obbard, a senior lecturer in nuclear engineering at UNSW Sydney.

Allegations of brutal interrogations, where Ukrainian men were shot and threatened with rape, have been made by a former Russian military officer.

Experts of the Technical University Delft found that out of six public statements made by the Commission in support of its new measures legislative initiative, three were incorrect.

Czech lower house of parliament speaker Marketa Pekarova Adamova assured Taiwan of her country's support for partner states who respect human rights and liberal democracy, ahead of a visit to Taipei planned for March this year. The election of new president Petr Pavel marks a turnaround in his countries politics, observers say.

“To the Chinese government, normalising the relationship means Australia first conforming to various Chinese government demands, including putting issues like human rights in Xinjiang off the table,” says Kyinzom Dhongdue, a strategic campaigns lead for Amnesty International Australia and a Tibetan human rights campaigner. He claims, however, that any human rights dialogue “must take place unconditionally”.

The Conservative Rami Ranger has been accused of using “deplorable” and “racially charged language” in a scathing attack on the BBC’s recent documentary about the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi. He hit out at a documentary that has caused significant controversy in India and been banned from YouTube and Twitter by authorities there over the depiction of Modi’s role in riots in 2002.

Hongkongers in Britain have called on Suella Braverman to reconsider controversial measures in her public order bill, which they likened to the repressive measures used to crack down on democratic opposition in their home city.

"Urban science has largely focused on city averages. The established approach just looked at one datapoint per city, for example average income. With their focus on averages, prior studies overlooked the stark inequalities that exist within cities when making predictions about how urban growth affects the life experiences of city dwellers”, says study co-author. Here is the study: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41562-022-01509-1

Autocrats and dictators quickly acquire new arms technologies from abroad and often use them against their own citizens. A new study covering all countries from 1820 to 2010 shows that the spread of military technologies inhibits democratic reform. Here is the study: https://academic.oup.com/ej/article/133/650/728/6750008?login=false

Non-autocratic countries condemn what China is doing but don't provide corridors for refugees.

The Kremlin has stamped out public dissent but makeshift memorials to Ukrainian dead are a focus for those opposed to the conflict.

The proof-of-concept would be a breakthrough for healthcare, security, gaming (VR), and a host of other industries, and would overcome issues affecting regular cameras, such as poor lighting or simple obstacles like furniture blocking a camera lens, while also eclipsing traditional RBG sensors, LiDAR, and radar technology. It also would cost far less and consume less energy than the latter, researchers noted.

Innes FitzGerald, a leading junior endurance runner, cited her “deep concern” over the issue in a letter to British Athletics in which she asked not to be considered for selection for the world cross country championships.

The government-affiliated civil organization CÖF (Civil Cooperation Forum), which operates with money from a state-owned gambling service provider, attacked the opposition through posters. In a recent press conference, a CÖF spokesperson said that Átlátszó could pose a national security risk by receiving financial support from foreign partners.

The European Parliament committee investigating EU member nations' use of surveillance apps on mobile devices proposed a ban on the commercial buying and selling of zero-day exploits in a set of draft recommendations that also called for an immediate moratorium on the sale and use of advanced spyware. Here is the draft (pdf): https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/PEGA-RD-740554_EN.pdf

c’è grave bug a livello di sistema operativo che ha colpito il fornitore esterno responsabile del nuovo servizio di storage introdotto nelle scorse settimane

Dicono che prima che la situazione ritorni a livelli normali servirà ancora un po’ di pazienza, con una finestra temporale di risoluzione stimata nelle 24/48 ore.

While attacking journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who wrote critically of the Saudi government and was killed in October 2018 by a group of assassins, Republican politician Mike Pompeo notes in his new book that the U.S. has a "strategic" relationship with the Saudis to consider.

Il governo francese la vuole rafforzare per evitare nuovi attacchi terroristici, ma le critiche e i dubbi sullo strumento sono molti.

Can developers trust extensions downloaded for Microsoft’s popular Visual Studio Code editor? Researchers at Aqua Nautilus say they have found that attackers could easily impersonate popular extensions and trick unknowing developers into downloading them.

Trying to commemorate those killed by Russian bombing in Dnipro, Ukraine. In Moscow, a 15-year old girl was detained for bringing flowers to the memorial of famous Lesya Ukrainka.

Yes, only customers seem to be affected. I corrected the headline to make that clear. Sorry.

This appears to be one of the hottest market trends with China having the most extensive public surveillance system, but we may assume other regions to gain ground.

That’s weird. I don’t encounter problems watching the video. Maybe try refresh the page or try this alternative.

This is sadly true. In my nearer environment literally everyone agrees, too, but politics is lagging behind.

I don’t know where you live, but I agree we should never be whining about a country and its people. To critisize the government if there’s a reason, but never the people. A country’s government and its people are not the same.

to substitute for that same page to be about the USA.>

Maybe, but does that make any country better?

A lot of topics here appear to trigger a debate of ideoligies or between “first world” and “third world” (I decry such terminology, but let’s put that aside now), as if that would solve any problem. It’s sort of of double standard: environmental pollution is bad and good, surveillance is bad and good … it just depends who commits the crime …

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, scroll through the images from around the globe to see where we’re all heading as a global human race. (Ah, yes, the current climate crisis has been and is still being caused mostly by the US and many countries in Europe, and, yes, these countries must change their lifestyles and they are financially liable for the crises. These are two of many issues I agree with my friends from China, South America and Africa.)

We can all see media and NGO websites riddled with trackers, and so are possibly many journalists’ devices. So yes, I’d agree that’s worrying how easy it obviously was.

This is one of the most insightful, straight-to-the-point short articles about Web3 and decentralization I’ve ever read if I may say so.

Aha, that’s good question. I don’t know, unfortunately, but I am sure there is someone around more capable than me …

I am not sure whether I understand the question, but I understand Blokada is a VPN. So they’re certainly able to track you across the web. If you don’t trust them, don’t use them.

Don’t know what the best are, but there is The Conversation and Rest Of World, and you may find information also here.

How would you organize the payment processing in a federated marketplace?

Radicle is still in its earky stages. Don’t know where they are heading, but, yes, it’s far from being perfect :-)

Federated marketplace, ie a federated amazon or etsy.

What do you think of Particl? Never tried it myself.

Federated code collaboration

You will know Radicle, but it’s in early development.