The XSS vulnerability can be leveraged to obtain unauthorized access to a website and can lead to user data theft or a full site takeover.

Related to the military conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, a joint report of international security researchers says that the malware by Israeli company NSO Group was used to spy on a former Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia (the Ombudsperson), two Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) Armenian Service journalists, a United Nations official, a former spokesperson of Armenia’s Foreign Ministry (now an NGO worker), and seven other representatives of Armenian civil society.

Don't use it any more myself, but my inner graphic designer gets really excited about new logos

While the Chinese government and social media companies have denounced racism, it remains pervasive online. News about Black people in China regularly triggers xenophobic comments directed at what some fear to be an influx of Black immigrants. Chinese women who date Black people or have mixed-race children have also drawn sexist attacks online. It’s unclear what has driven the recent spike in racist speech.

Thunderbird has a new logo
♲ […](

Has anyone set up unRAID for their home?
I tend to go overkill when it comes to home networking and server infrastructure. I'm considering replacing my QNap, with what I assert is the world's worst software, with a homebrew and unRAID. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience doing this or not. For a few years I ran a raid 5 array on an old gaming PC, and then I swapped to qnap for "what if there is a fire, how do I grab and run with a computer that can act as an anchor for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier". That's worked for the last 5 years, sort of, but I swear they make everything 10x harder than it has any right to be. I was considering 4 x 10tb hdds and 3x2TB Evo 990 Pros, in a cache pool and/or 2x2TB in an SSD pool for docker containers and 1 2TB for the cache pool. I'm just not entirely sure where unRAID itself ends up going; the cache pool? Aside from that question, any other "gotchas" that you've experienced? Any comparisons with qnap would be greatly appreciated, too.

"They pay more for such work than in ‘white’ jobs”: Interview with a crypto scam investment spammer
'Krebs on Security' publishes an interview with a Russian hacker responsible for a series of aggressive crypto spam campaigns that recently prompted several large Mastodon communities to temporarily halt new registrations. According to the hacker, their spam software has been in private use until the last few weeks, when it was released as open source code.

If we lose the right to freely use and enjoy creative works, we open the way for a new world of extreme commercialization where artists must pay for the privilege to create, and people find the costs and barriers to information and culture rising ever upwards. Let’s embrace this opportunity for change presented by Generative AI and transform traditional economic structures to ensure prosperity, and lower the barriers to enjoying the fruits of our diverse and vibrant shared culture.

Anyone can be duped by scammers. This is a huge problem that needs solutions.

I found this new app called Mlem, and its on Alpha on testflight. A lot of things are missing, like comment and posting but they are on the roadmap. Take a look.

The hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Xinjiang surveillance created a system of digital enclosure that is part of the structure of dispossession that confronts Uyghurs, but the regime in Beijing wants the data of the colonized, too, a researcher says. This collection of data has significant consequences for the expansion of dataveillance instruments globally.

Make decryption screen at boot bigger on LM21.1?
cross-posted from: > Can this be done using `sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup` and selecting another font/font size? Really it's just for aesthetic purposes more than anything else.

Vulnerability in KeePass allows retrieval of master password, issue is not yet fixed
The vulnerability affects the KeePass 2.X branch for Windows, and possibly for Linux and macOS. It has been fixed in the test versions of KeePass v2.54 – the official release is expected by July 2023. It’s unfortunate that the PoC tool is already publicly available and the release of the new version so far off, but the risk of CVE-2023-32784 being abused in the wild is likely to be pretty low, according to the researcher.

“Regulatory Capture”: Two new reports show how big tech lobbyists are using ‘public interest’ for th
A report presented by US Senator Elizabeth Warren shows how Big Tech lobbyists redefine the concept of “digital trade” and use it to protect the profitability of their enterprises and make it impossible for signatory countries in trade deals to use legislative ends to protect other things, like people's privacy or the rule of law. It largely confirms the revolving-door tech lobbyism investigated by sociologist Wendy Li. Here is Sen. Warren's report (pdf): Here is tve research paper by Wendy Li:

New iOS app for Lemmy now available for testing
You can join the Mlem testing using the following link:

To get around this you can install [SmartTubeNext]( Supported devices are Android/Google TV; Nvidia Shield; Android-based TV boxes; Amazon FireTV.

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