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  • I mean I know the Internet is often a toxic place, but I don’t think telling him “oh well the Internet is just toxic, deal with it” would help the situation. I suppose one thing I’m looking for here is potentially an alternative to Reddit for searching up questions about Pathfinder such that he would avoid D&D comparisons in a negative light (I say a negative light just because Pathfinder was born from 3.5E, so comparisons are going to happen regardless because the two games are related).

    Maybe the simplest way to do this is, when your partner tells you, “I read someone being mean about 5e” you just ask, “Do you agree with them?”

    I mean I know he doesn’t, mostly because I’ve known him for a little over two years at this point.

    I think the main issue is that people online are stating their opinion as fact or talking about PF2E and ignoring their biases against 5E. Asking people online to check their biases is a tall task I suppose, but I guess that goes back to my main question of this post of finding a knowledge center for Pathfinder that doesn’t include negativity towards 5E.

  • The main issue, and I’ve said this in another comment on this thread, is that he will have a question about PF2E and his first instinct is to go to Reddit or do a google search, which turns up with results from Reddit. He then maybe sees an answer to the question he was looking for, but he also sees unneeded hate directed towards the game he loves.

    He’s said that the problem surrounding PF2E is the culture of the game, and I can honestly agree with him. People can be loud when they’re negative tbh, and moreso online. And it can’t really be solved with blocking users, hiding posts, and moving on like you say it can, because he’s shared with me several posts bad-mouthing 5E in favor of PF2E and they are all from different users. Yes, Archives of Nethys has the rules for free legally, but even I had questions going into running the game for the first time. What I did was read AoN as much as I could before running the game, but I am not my partner.

  • I mean I criticize D&D all the time, but there’s a difference between criticizing the game and saying that the game is stupid or for babies or something (I’ve seen posts saying that 5E is for babies although those were from players of older editions of D&D).

    Wizards of the Coast “running the game into the ground” is another reason he said he doesn’t see a reason in playing the game anymore, and I’ll give that one to him (although I will say that a table can simply opt to not play OneD&D and simply to just play regular 5E, I’d imagine people did that with 3.5E when 4E came along).