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Yep, some accounts tweet like 30 times a day, just subscribing to a few accounts can be a full time job.

Twitter does a decent job of filtering out a lot of that noise and showing more viral posts that accounts I follow liked. Of course they also slam in advertising, and the rage-inducing “engagement” posts too.

Take care of your skin. IE moisturize and use sunblock every day.

I really just wish there was a simple, restricted vocab set, truly-international IAL. Esperanto is highly euroscentric, and ignores some of the most spoken language families in the world.

I’d thought that toki pona or !tokima@lemmy.ml could be an alternative, but its development seems dead unfortunately.

When I upgrade lemmy-ui to a newer version of bootstrap, I’ll likely auto-generate the themes, and they won’t have as many issues.

In the meantime tho, I just have too much other work to do than to maintain themes.

You ever heard of National Security Letters?

NSLs typically contain a nondisclosure requirement forbidding the recipient of an NSL from disclosing the FBI had requested the information.[2] The nondisclosure provision must be authorized by the Director of the FBI, and only after he or she certifies “that otherwise there may result a danger to the national security of the United States; interference with a criminal, counterterrorism, or counterintelligence investigation; interference with diplomatic relations; or danger to the life or physical safety of any person.”

There’s an open issue for that, but it’ll pry be a bit before I can get to it.

HarmonyOS isn’t really an android competitor tho right? Its not that much different from MIUI, mostly just an android skin.

Matrix / element or XMPP. I’ve been using it for years now both for friends / fam, and for group chats.

Oh you don’t like a cryptocurrency and snapchat bundled with your “secure” messaging app?!?? What do you hate privacy or something!!?? /s

Absolutely no one: “hey signal can u make ur app more like snapchat?”

Signal devs: "Sure thing we’ll get right on that 👍 "

Yay, another feature absolutely no-one wanted!

Did any of yall get this? Really annoying.

Idea for a Lemmy project: Create a stackoverflow style front-end for lemmy.
In the same way that Nutomic built a phpBB themed front end, it would be entirely possible to create a stack-overflow type one, as many of the same concepts translate over.

In the same way that @nutomic@lemmy.ml built a phpBB-themed front end for lemmy, I’d love if someone created a stackoverflow type one too.

Yep that looks like the one, comment on that issue if you would, so that nutomic can see it too.

NLNet (the same org that funds lemmy development and a lot of other great open-source projects), has funded to make gitea federated, but so far there hasn’t been much movement on it afaik.

Gitea is already far better than github, but because it lacks federation, you have to make tons of accounts on each different server.

I do like codeberg a lot, but unfortunately they are harsh with taking down torrent-related projects. I had to move a few of my repos off there bc of it.

## What's Changed * Fix prettytime crash. Fixes #238 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/239 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/compare/0.0.19...0.0.20

Jerboa F-droid version 0.0.19 is now optimized
I figured out the f-droid version wasn't using a minified / optimized version of jerboa. It should be must faster now.

## What's Changed * Coil upgrade v2 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/234 * Fix comment scrolling bug. Fixes #231 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/235 * Fix create post bug. Fixes #230 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/236 * Fix account bug. Fixes #229 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/237 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/compare/0.0.17...0.0.18

Changelog: * Running lint, updating deps. by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/197 * Moving to kotlinter-gradle by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/198 * Fixing unit tests. by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/199 * Some items fixes. by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/204 * Upgrade accompanist by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/208 * Fix comment header with flowrow. Fixes #207 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/209 * Make comment slightly larger. Fixes #213 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/214 * Make comment icon smaller. Fixes #212 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/215 * Changing star to bookmark. Fixes #210 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/216 * Fix comment indent. Fixes #211 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/217 * Make post pictures wider. Fixes #196 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/218 * Deduplicate scrolling posts. Fixes #219 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/220 * Adding a login first message. Fixes #206 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/221 * Lazycolumn 2 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/223 * Fix deleted item header spacing. Fixes #222 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/224 * Adding deep links. by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/228 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/compare/0.0.16...0.0.17

Someone made a RTL Arabic lemmy!
Could someone who speaks Arabic please contact them? I'd love to get those changes incorporated into lemmy-ui.

Pictures should be working smoothly now.
All the old pictures are restored from a backup, and should be working now. We've bought more hard drive space too, so we should be okay for a while.

Lemmy Release v0.16.7 - A few bug fixes
A few bug fixes: - Fix missing auth on new post refresh. ([#764](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/764)) - Change CSP rule for connect-src (websocket) to wildcard (fixes [#730](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/730)) ([#737](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/737)) - Increase default search rate limit. ([#2424](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2424)) - Rejected federated pm from blocked users (fixes [#2398](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2398)) ([#2408](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2408)) - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2378)) ([#2380](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2380)) - Revert "Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2378)) ([#2380](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2380))" - Handle Like, Undo/Like activities from Mastodon, add tests (fixes [#2378](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2378)) ([#2380](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2380)) - Dont allow login if account is banned or deleted (fixes [#2372](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2372)) ([#2374](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2374)) - Fix panics in search_by_apub_id() (fixes [#2371](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2371)) ([#2373](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2373))

Welcome to Lemmy, I'm one of the devs and admins for this instance. Being pro-piracy, and allowing torrent magnet links 🏴‍☠️ , is one of the original reasons I started working on lemmy ( even a lot of the better reddit alts refuse to allow magnet links, or be pirate-friendly). One of the best ways to keep the stream alive, is by decentralizing the ways we find and access content. Torrents do this directly for data, but I hope that lemmy, as a federated reddit alternative, can eventually serve as a platform to aggregate, post, and comment on pirated data in a decentralized way. [More info about Lemmy including docs, how federation works, and a good onboarding site.](https://join-lemmy.org/) Welcome aboard!

* Reverting back to old markdown renderer. Was much better overall. by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/156 * Debounce search box input. Fixes #154 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/157 * Ability to delete posts and comments. Fixes #152 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/161 * Comment tree rework 1 by @dessalines in https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/pull/162 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/dessalines/jerboa/compare/0.0.14...0.0.15

## What is Lemmy? Lemmy is a self-hosted social link aggregation and discussion platform. It is completely free and open, and not controlled by any company. This means that there is no advertising, tracking, or secret algorithms. Content is organized into communities, so it is easy to subscribe to topics that you are interested in, and ignore others. Voting is used to bring the most interesting items to the top. ## Major Changes A full list of fixes is below, but this patch release includes federation compatibility and bug fixes, as well as fixing vulnerabilities in our websocket rate limiting. ## Upgrade notes Besides the addition of a [search rate limit to the lemmy.hjson](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/blob/main/config/defaults.hjson#L39), there are no config or API changes. Follow the [Docker or Ansible upgrade instructions here.](https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/administration/administration.html) ## Support development We (@dessalines and @nutomic) have been working full-time on Lemmy for almost two years. This is largely thanks to support from [NLnet foundation](https://nlnet.nl/). If you would like to support our efforts, please consider [donating](https://join-lemmy.org/donate). If you'd like to support development, and make sure that we will always be available to work full time on Lemmy, consider [donating to support its development](https://join-lemmy.org/donate). We've spent hundreds of hours on Lemmy, and would like to be able to add more developers to our little open-source co-op as time goes on. ## Changes ### Lemmy Server - Federate user account deletion (fixes [#1284](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1284)) ([#2199](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2199)) - Dont federate initial upvote ([#2196](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2196)) - Add missing mod log entries for federated actions (fixes [#1489](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1489)) ([#2198](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2198)) - Make sure application questionaire is required. Fixes [#2189](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2189) - Fix verify_mod_action check for remote admin actions ([#2190](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2190)) - Run cargo upgrade ([#2176](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2176)) - Migrate towards using page.attachment field for url (ref [#2144](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2144)) ([#2182](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2182)) - Exclude removed/deleted posts from community outbox ([#2184](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2184)) - Fetch community outbox in parallel (fixes [#2180](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2180)) ([#2181](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2181)) - Adding a ban expires update job. Fixes [#2177](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2177) - Add email translations ([#2175](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2175)) - Add test files for Friendica federation (fixes [#2144](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2144)) ([#2167](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2167)) - Lowering search rate limit. Fixes [#2153](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2153) ([#2154](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2154)) - Rate limit ws joins ([#2171](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2171)) - Delete unused diesel.toml file ([#2166](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2166)) - Rate limit websocket joins. ([#2165](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2165)) - Doing tests in sequential order. Fixes [#2158](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2158) ([#2163](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2163)) - Dont log errors when rate limit is hit (fixes [#2157](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2157)) ([#2161](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2161)) - Fix rate limit check for register. Fixes [#2159](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2159) - GNU social compatibility ([#2100](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2100)) - Consolidate and lower reqwest timeouts. Fixes [#2150](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2150) ([#2151](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2151)) - Check that config is valid before saving ([#2152](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2152)) - Dont log error if duplicate activity is received (fixes [#2146](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2146)) ([#2148](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2148)) - WIP: Email localization (fixes [#500](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/500)) ([#2053](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2053)) - If viewed actor isnt in db, fetch it from other instance ([#2145](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2145)) - Show rate limit algorithm. Fixes [#2136](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2136) - Adjust retry interval for sending activities ([#2141](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2141)) - Add jerboa link to readme. Fixes [#2137](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2137) - Forbid remote URLs for avatars/banners (fixes [#1618](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1618)) ([#2132](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2132)) - Remove docker/prod unused files (fixes [#2086](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2086)) ([#2133](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2133)) - Rework error handling (fixes [#1714](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/1714)) ([#2135](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2135)) - Dont allow admin to add mod to remote community ([#2129](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2129)) - Reject federated downvotes if downvotes are disabled (fixes [#2124](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2124)) ([#2128](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2128)) ### Lemmy UI - Dont allow community urls like /c/{id} (fixes [#611](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/611)) ([#612](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/612)) - Fix loading indicator on search page (fixes [#443](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/443)) ([#606](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/606)) - Upgrade deps ([#604](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/604)) - Remove auth token from error message. Fixes [#600](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/600) ([#601](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/601)) - Fix error during new site setup ([#596](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/596)) - Differentiate between mods and admins in mod log ([#597](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/597)) - Fix comment fedilink (fixes [#594](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/594)) ([#595](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/595))