I’m Sarah. I’m a Brit who fled to Portugal on account of Brexit, increasing intolerance and the British weather. I like climbing (although I can’t do much any more for health reasons) and sailing. This is a Friendica account. Friendica is kinda like Facebook as Mastodon is kinda like Twitter, except they can talk to each other.

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@TammyGentzel No. The closest you’re gonna get is a federated timeline on a big instance like Mastodon.social

But nothing has everything. By the very nature of the fediverse, it can’t.

@piratepost @JackFromWisconsin @jakob problem is, mastodon just strips all the body text of a friendica post with a title. It’s not even close to degrading gracefully.

@ada I have moved full time to Friendica. The Mastodon->Friendica migration path won’t pull your followers with you, but IME they pretty much all came anyway. The UI needs a bit of love and it can have a learning curve compared to Mastodon, but it’s a much more complete experience and I’m really liking it.

It’s dreadful for quickly sharing photos and I really wish they’d make that process less convoluted, but I’m sure that will come.

And if you want, you can still get the Mastodon experience by using the Mastodon client or Elk with it.

@Suoko Do we really need a lit of multiple competing bullshit fountains though?

I mean, they’re technically impressive bullshit fountains, but they’re still bullshit fountains.

@jokeyrhyme This may be unfair, but after reading that I can’t stop thinking, “epicycles within epicycles”.

@notizie @oliver @tio I’ve integrated my RSS feeds into my friendica timeline and couldn’t be happier.

@ada I’m seeing this from my own Friendica instance running on a little Raspberry Pi on my home network. I rather like this vision of the future. It’s awakening the spirit I remember from the home computer revolution of the 80s!