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  • Dating-like apps come up in fedi discussions quite often. They have interesting aspects, for instance where obviously privacy is a big concern and where current generation of federated apps aren’t adequate for dating. And how do communities / instances establish their trustworthiness? There are kinds of ‘dating’ were the requirements can be less severe. Like “Meet new Friends” kind of services where e.g. you seek folks for collaborative gameplay in some MMORPG or something.

  • smallcircles@lemmy.mltoMastodon@lemmy.mlIs not that god damn hard.
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    One thing I don’t get. Among the gazilion “Oh, it is sooo easy to do this better” complainers are countless developers and designers. This whole Mastodon thing is Free Software, where countless people spent some of their free time and energy to give you what there is today. Complainer devs and UX folks, are your PR’s getting rejected?

  • Here’s an article by Bluesky on “Composable Moderation”:

    Centralized social platforms delegate all moderation to a central set of admins whose policies are set by one company. This is a bit like resolving all disputes at the level of the Supreme Court. Federated networks delegate moderation decisions to server admins. This is more like resolving disputes at a state government level, which is better because you can move to a new state if you don’t like your state’s decisions — but moving is usually difficult and expensive in other networks. We’ve improved on this situation by making it easier to switch servers, and by separating moderation out into structurally independent services.

    We’re calling the location-independent moderation infrastructure “community labeling” because you can opt-in to an online community’s moderation system that’s not necessarily tied to the server you’re on.