collapse of the old society

Old society is not going to leave the scene peacefully. They will go down kicking and screaming, until their last breath leeching energy and matter from the planet and all of us. When they die anyway, why should they let us survive? **So, should we have a SolarPunk warfare available to defend the planet (including ourselves) against "apres nous, le deluge" strategy of planet destroyers?** There was an attempt to create similar kind of warfare, within the ranks of US Army, of all imaginable places. **The 1st Earth Battalion**, if *not exactly* what we may imagine, was certainly planet-oriented. So, what do you think of the initial question? And if we need it, do you know any examples that could help us answer it and, perhaps, develop the idea towards implementation?

Morning coffee musings Transition / Collapse solutions — how to get most out of collapsing infrastructure. During slo-mo catastrophe, more and more infrastructure may become unused, but still technically working. This is what we have now with empty buildings / apartments for example. Or some abandoned industrial facilities taken over by their crews. But there are more technical challenges. If the grid is down, what shall we need to redirect output of a local wind/solar farm to the local community use? How to start running local rail transport? How to salvage content of a logistic centre before it gets marauded? Etc. etc… The inconvenience here lies in the fact that most of such actions are considered illegal under regular circumstances. But we will need them when conditions cease to be “regular”. I believe we should be able to discuss them under the general category of “civil / civic defense” or “communal resilience”. What do you think?

Swedens Biggest Bank Having Major Outages
Woke up this morning to news about Swedens largest bank having major systems outages and accounts showing negative balances for many customers. People have reportedly been having to ask neighbors, friends and relatives for assistance so that they can fill up their cars and get to work. Is it happening? Is this the thing that leads my incredibly cash-free country to do a bankrun and crash the system? I'm kidding obviously, this won't have any effects outside our borders, but it's fascinating that banking systems can have these kinds of disturbances.

Remember that today is the perfect day to push for fediverse!

How much rich are the richest?

collapse of the old society
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