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La metto sulla sidebar, potrebbe far comodo!

photo yes, ikea was out of tables and so for now he chills on the floor lol

chill room

also, we don’t really know how far we can get with being full vegan without the capitalist infrastructure for lab based stuff

i just wouldn’t take it granted as a possibility :o

As written in the homepage, every sub has to be intended as “solarpunk CommunityName” So yes, it’s solarpunk food and is focused on healthy recipes, better ways of cooking, better ways of preservation, better ways to nourish and so on :)

oggi mi ero messo nei promemoria di controllare come mai ho problemi di lentezza e posting, mi avete praticamente detto il motivo senza che io cerchi x)

confermo di avere problemi da iphone

[video from the owner](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2nl-0CalGA)

[Artist's Pixiv profile](https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1915585)
Date by 三月 (みつき)

Suggested read even to non software people because it underlines some issues with activism in general :) The wanting everything at once and the not focusing on the power you have!

effettivamente sono andato di full bias, mea culpa :P

buona idea! secondo me però oltre che provarlo tu, dovresti farlo provare a qualche adulto

mi sono trovato spesso a sfruttare le simple apps per metterle sul telefono dei genitori, magari è la volta buona che ci sia un telefono facile e non troppo malevolo pronto per esser dato a utenti inesperti

What’s your skin care routine?
Hi! Right now I don’t really have one and I was wondering if there is a way to conciliate zerowaste, selfproduction and skin health :)

[Artist's site](https://www.chantalhoreis.com/)

[Artist's site](https://seanbodley.com/)

We need some posts written by us to do that without being spammers

Messages and emails instead don’t require content, feel free to contribute :P

No, it’s not… Do you block telegram? Maybe that’s why

It depends on the country. XR UK yes, XR USA idk, but, for example, in Italy, they are fine.

Don’t assume that every of them is the same.

messages in mastodon are private toots basically, that could be why… Also in lemmy they are only in notifications; basically they both handle messages in weird ways I don’t think it’s a federation issue, per now.

Here we have some tech workers coalition members but idk about xr

What did you want to know specifically?:P

I’ve made !usa@slrpnk.net, write on there so i can put u admin

You search for the app you need/want and, if someone already tested it, you’ll know if it’s compatible with a phone without google services :o

I don’t really think there is any link between cashless society and the posted issue tbh

it’s not like one singular point of failure = cashless

Also it’s nice to remember that people need people even in this society :)

quelli/e più solarpunk mandali/e su slrpnk.net :P

In my opinion it makes sense to pose the question, even tho there has to be traced a categorization line.

In a solarpunk utopia, there probably wouldn’t be macro transgression as we can see in the society right now, unless we put ‘‘terrorist’’ groups under the transgression label.

But there would sure be in micro settings: what we think about an edgy teen today can exist even in the ‘‘perfect society’’. The son of a farmer posting online videos of him wasting food, someone kicking animals, little bullies gang as forms of transgression… Also even just sticking out in themed events by going against the theme.

I have to note tho that in a perfect setting I think the majority of people should channel these kind of emotions where it’s fine to do so: into competitive sports.