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i don’t think this top down approach will help, citizens signature are nothing compared to lobbies money. Workers have to unionize…

this post is kinda OT my friend: only USA related and also only voting related :)

mmmh it should be made a monthly thread for general discussions right in this sub i think

@poVoq@slrpnk.net do you know if there is already something like automod that can create the thread every month without humans involved?lol

imo the wiki could be shared with sunbeam the mastodon instance that already has a wiki

or just post stuff directly to appropedia :)

For other services… Idk, prob would be better to focus on empowering lemmy first

toMetaNew Admin here

you just needed to ask tbh :P

toMetaNew Admin here

ye reddit is still one of the ‘‘good’’ socials in the mainstream, so it’s harder to make it fly right now like mastodon that replaces twitter and, in some cases, facebook and instagram

Reading the comments, just looks like another failure made by businesspeople and management…

ma sapete che il team originale è ormai su privacyguides no? cioè privacytools non è più valido

Condivido i pallini, sì!

Per i colori, ma sì lascia arancione del branding e via :) (poi rovinano anche l’accessibilità i colori del semaforo eh!)

Per l’etichetta ti direi di provare a immaginarla come l’etichetta della classe degli elettrodomestici, anche se onestamente credo verrebbe più carino un semplice box a pillola (rettangolo con angoli arrotondati) dentro trasparente e con il bordo arancione.

Anche i pallini vuoti dentro trasparenti e bordo arancione

Mi vengono in mente un po’ di suggerimenti di ux/ui:

  • prima di tutto, eviterei il box colorato, non so se sia meglio delineare il contorno o mettere una sottolineatura ma il box colorato è out of context (se vuoi creare l’effetto etichetta disclaimer, va fatto diversamente credo)
  • poi, eviterei il verde e metterei l’arancione che è più in linea col branding, tranne se stai pensando di fare verde per bassa difficoltà e rosso per più alta ma secondo me non serve
  • poi, cosa importante, le stelle solitamente indicano quanto una cosa è “buona”, quindi c’è una dissonanza cognitiva nel mettere più stelle alle cose più difficili; questo crea dissonanza cognitiva in generale, tipo “ma quindi vlc dovrei evitarlo per cercare qualcosa di più difficile che è meglio?”
  • poi, sempre per creare l’effetto etichetta, lo metterei a destra e non a sinistra ma forse questo potrei rimangiarmelo x)

Per ora mi viene in mente questo, spero siano consigli utili!

I do wish we had better developed and more universal grid storage tech than just pumped hydro. A large/continental-sized grid is cool and all, but energy independence is still important in geopolitics unfortunately, and simply in practical terms in general too

You are right, I was thinking more about central/west europe where something like this should be easily achievable

There are 3 big political cons that are missing in your list:

  • nuclear requires a looooooot of money(and time) so the owners would probably be private holdings, not only the state
  • nuclear safety requires something very near to 0 corruption
  • (maybe) in a democratic confederalism or an anarchosocialism society requires too big coordination

Said that, I never support the ‘‘renewables are intermittent’’ point… Right now they have this issue because they are in low number and there are stocking issue and it’s mostly one source per place (like solar in sunny places and hydro in mountain places). We can have waaaaaayy more solar panels, wind turbines etc. Saying right now they are intermittent is just a biased point.

I agree with @sj_zero@lotide.fbxl.net , anything practical would do. Right now it’s late to have nuclear energy in a lot of places, so the discussion is even kinda pointless, we don’t have 30years and mld of euros to build them before the climate really hits us. Even if we start now, we still need something else quicker to build and other ways to reduce the usage! (a lot of ‘‘pro nuclear’’ people think that we just need a lot of nuclear to then keep doing everything we do now cause clean energy = no emissions)

So ye, I think it’s good to use nuclear and to not close the centrals that are already up, but using ‘‘let’s build more’’ is not a practical plan right now. We are late :)


In Italy we have Poste Italiane using these: https://cdn.motor1.com/images/mgl/4MWRK/s3/quadriciclo-poste.jpg

Honestly I like the idea of micro mobility for delivery: more adaptable for cycling cities and, hopefully, better to avoid one single courier having to cover a big chunk of a city leading to work at a very high pace…

If someone put the drivers of these little cars in dangers, the problem is not the little car but those that put it in danger!

it’s lemmy being broken on safari since last update, nothing too worry about too much it’s just a matter of bug fixing and waiting

And I’m treating her as such… Try to tell her she has to start using ProtonMail for this kind of things.

We know that Google doesn’t oppose police and because the situation is crucial it’s crucial to warn people about this kind of stuff…

Great! But, if she wants to be contacted for sensitive informations, she shouldn’t use gmail…


La metto sulla sidebar, potrebbe far comodo!

chill room

[video from the owner](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2nl-0CalGA)

[Artist's Pixiv profile](https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1915585)
Date by 三月 (みつき)

Suggested read even to non software people because it underlines some issues with activism in general :) The wanting everything at once and the not focusing on the power you have!

What’s your skin care routine?
Hi! Right now I don’t really have one and I was wondering if there is a way to conciliate zerowaste, selfproduction and skin health :)

[Artist's site](https://www.chantalhoreis.com/)

[Artist's site](https://seanbodley.com/)