ChatGPT explains Solarpunk
Please explain what Solarpunk is: >Solarpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction that focuses on a positive view of the future, characterized by the widespread use of renewable energy sources, sustainable architecture and design, and a focus on environmentalism and social justice. It is often depicted as a world in which technology is used to solve environmental and social problems, rather than causing them. Solarpunk is often seen as a hopeful and optimistic vision of the future, in contrast to the more dystopian or post-apocalyptic depictions of the future that are common in other sub-genres of science fiction. Better than expected :)

From 1st to 7th of April there will be a Solarpunk unconference in the Commons Hub located in the Austrian Alps. More information:

Cruel optimism (and lazy pessimism)
I think this also belongs here.

Invisible Solar is a new PV technology that take on the appearance of any building material. Each Invisible Solar module is more than a photovoltaic panel, it also is an active architectural element with various functionality.

In this episode a group of henchmen hired to work for a billionare on his post-apocalyptic stronghold inherit the keys from their former boss. They explore their options at community building and outreach with the surrounding towns as communities collide. ![](

Wealthy countries can create prosperity while using less materials and energy if they abandon economic growth as an objective.

Rush to electric vehicles may be an expensive mistake, say climate strategists
> "EVs are here to save the car industry, not the planet, that is crystal clear," said outspoken urban planning advocate Jason Slaughter in a recent email conversation. "Electric cars use batteries instead of gasoline, but they are still a horrendously inefficient way to move people around, especially in crowded cities."

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![]( ![]( ![]( ![]( (Found on Anokchan) Discuss :)

Good text I like to link from time to time :) So I thought it might fit here as well.

cross-posted from: > cross-posted from: > > > cross-posted from: > > > > > cross-posted from: > > > > > > > I want to find the most sustainable operating system, because computers nowadays waste a lot of energy, because of data collection and data processing. Avoiding unnecessary processes and using resources in a mindful way could reduce the CO2 output on the whole world. > > > > > > > > This discussion grew very fast and I put all links to other platforms in the end of the blog article.

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