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beyond the points brought up in the article, a good way to tell this is not a good change is that i’ve seen so, so much confusion about what the change here actually does from users of netflix. obviously, this is quite bad for a corporation because if even power users don’t know what’s happening, it’s really unlikely people who don’t use netflix very much will either

super interesting piece here. here’s a bit of it which illustrates just a handful of the many uses of a cellphone in prison, most of which are actually very banal or outright benevolent:

Most of what I knew about illicit electronics came from press releases and news stories that offered example after example of all the bad things people could do with contraband phones, things like trafficking drugs, making threats and running scams. While it’s true those things can happen, over the past three years I’ve also seen a lot of people use their phones for good. Some use them to self-publish books or take online college classes. Others become prison reform advocates, teach computer skills, trade bitcoin or write legal briefs. I’ve seen a whole plethora of savvy and creative uses that fly in the face of stereotypes about people behind bars. “Our cell phones have saved lives,” a man in prison in South Carolina told me.

geoengineering has always struck me as uniquely cynical and bleak, in no small part because it seems to be an admission that its advocates legitimately think it is a more straightforward or viable project than “trying to get governments to emit less carbon”

it’s great to see countries take in refugees in any context, and particularly good in this one, i think

to avoid confusion, i’ll remove this post now since we have a thread covering the new information on this incident.

i believe we’ve previously had a discussion on this here, but alas i cannot find it right now.

this is an objectively bad thing for basically everyone, kanye especially, but in the moment all i have to say is: i can’t believe candace owens has actually found someone to offload this stupid fucking grift project onto, much less someone of as much cultural importance as kanye west

goes without saying: this is bad! practically speaking though, what is the utility here–is it the same principle as remote-controlled bombs that some PDs have?

a much necessary step both for the community but also generally: it is absurdist that we have entire sections of police for schools when 1) it demonstrably contributes to worse outcomes for everybody and 2) the conflict mediation and intervention generally needed in schools is something we don’t train cops for and simultaneously have entire professions dedicated to.

it’s that time of the year for this fun bit of levity. the week is only halfway done and runs through the 11th.

my general experience with this: i didn’t get one until 17, and the only time it was inconvenient was when i needed to schedule a pick-up time for the bus stop with my parents, since i’d have to rely on someone else’s phone. beyond that though, didn’t really have an issue not having a phone; even now, i mostly just use it when we go out and it’s not my primary mode of communication.

for example, there are two runescape wikis, because the official runescape wiki used to be hosted on fandom. they moved in 2018 because fandom is terrible, but the inferior fandom copy that is largely mothballed still exists (and still turns up 3rd if you search “runescape wiki”) because fandom basically won’t let you unilaterally close your community’s wiki, even if you want to move.

amusingly, one of the groups musk was using to fund this deal backed out earlier, so i’m not totally sure who he’s going to replace them with–but as expected this acquisition is a huge mess.

I’m not really arguing with your point or anything, free culture just doesn’t really save us here.

arguably a bigger problem with wikia/fandom is unintentionally caused by free culture: sometimes they’ll fight you on moving your content off their service–a thing they are technically justified by license in doing–which as i understand has historically been a problem with a few wikis fleeing the site.

This looks like a trainwreck in many ways.

the way they implemented this has been so bad–i have no idea what they thought was going to happen, and i’m glad they’re scrapping it but arguably the damage was done here already.