Can y’all link me to some images for inspiration on how people of solarpunk would dress. I am considering collecting an outfit just to look good. I am a man, but female clothing also includes some nice pieces.
P.S. of course, the clothes will be second hand and mended when necessary.

  • JacobCoffinWrites
    10 months ago

    Thanks for posting this! I wouldn’t have thought to ask but you got some good answers and I think it’ll be a good reference for solarpunk art as well

    To answer the question, I agree it’d include practical clothes for being outside in, layers as appropriate, shorts, or cargo pants etc. I really like the punk aspect shining through in more of a wear-whatever-you-want sort of variety. I’d also love to see reuse thrive, both through mending and patching (and embracing that as a style) but also in somehow working through the backlog of unused fast fashion corporations are dumping in deserts etc all over the world