Sorry for the lengthy downtime.

We had an hardware issue with the new server at a very inopportune time 😨

For now I migrated the Lemmy instance back to the old server, but it looks like I will have to revise that new server a bit (again…). At least the old server is going strong so fingers crossed.

  • @JacobCoffinWrites
    55 months ago

    Just thanks for keeping it all going! If I was worried about five nines of uptime I’d probably be hanging out on corporate sites.

    In fact I’m kind of fascinated by low tech magazine and their deliberate acceptance of downtime. And the argument I’ve seen somewhere (maybe there) that a lot of the waste is in pushing those last few percents rather than accepting that websites go down sometimes. I know that’s not related to the issues here but it’s interesting to think about.

    Thanks again for all your hard work maintaining this place for us