• poVoqA
    11 year ago

    The “meat grinder” seems well fed by Russian conscripts…

    This kind of dehumanizing language and disregard for human life (right out of the fascist playbook) is really sad to see on a supposedly leftist website.

    • ☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆OP
      1 year ago

      The only investigation that shows any methodology is from BBC and it only manages to find 16k losses on Russian side. Russia is also not using conscripts, they’ve called up reservists. These reservists haven’t even been put into combat so far. Of course I stopped expecting any shred of intellectual honesty from you a long time ago.

      Meanwhile, the only fascist idea here is that the west should keep fuelling this war. In prior conversations you made it clear that you fully support the west keeping this conflict going by flooding Ukraine with weapons. You don’t care how many people suffer and die as long as Ukraine remains part of western hegemony. Evidently you don’t like being reminded of what this war means in human terms. Really sad to see from a self proclaimed anarchist.