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The opinion on the war is shifting because people are starting to recognize that it is affecting them personally. Furthermore, the whole reason NATO keeps screeching that it’s not directly involved in the war is precisely because the ghouls in charge know that vast majority of people doesn’t want to be at war with Russia.

Of course, I’m strictly referring to the ruling class and their propaganda machine here.

I’m defending an institution that has improved the lives of more people than any other system ever tried. Only an utter ignoramus such as yourself could argue otherwise while defending one of the most heinous systems known to man. You’re like a poster child for the American stereotype.

It’s absolutely hilarious that you hold strong opinions on the topic regarding which you continue to demonstrate such stunning ignorance. You keep on wallowing in your dogma kiddo.

Life in US is getting worse and worse for vast majority of people. A staggering 63% of people in US today have no saving and live paycheck to paycheck. Around 30 million people are food insecure. There are literal tent cities all over the country. Poverty keeps rising while the wealth continues to be concentrated with a handful of oligarchs. That’s the reality of capitalism everywhere.

Meanwhile, quality of life in China continues to steadily improve and the government is actively working on doing things like eliminating poverty, creating public infrastructure, providing healthcare, housing, food, and education for all citizens. Chinese government practically eliminated poverty, and in fact China is the only place in a world where any meaningful poverty reduction is happening. If we take China out of the equation poverty actually increased in real terms:

If we take just one country, China, out of the global poverty equation, then even under the $1.90 poverty standard we find that the extreme poverty headcount is the exact same as it was in 1981.

The $1.90/day (2011 PPP) line is not an adequate or in any way satisfactory level of consumption; it is explicitly an extreme measure. Some analysts suggest that around $7.40/day is the minimum necessary to achieve good nutrition and normal life expectancy, while others propose we use the US poverty line, which is $15.

90% of families in the country own their home giving China one of the highest home ownership rates in the world. What’s more is that 80% of these homes are owned outright, without mortgages or any other leans. Real wage (i.e. the wage adjusted for the prices you pay) has gone up 4x in the past 25 years, more than any other country. This is staggering considering it’s the most populous country on the planet. Social mobility in China is far higher than in US.

Finally, capitalist policies kill millions of people each an every year

You continue to expose yourself here as a profoundly ignorant individual. I can’t wait to see what inanity you come up with next here.

No, I’m telling you that my lived experience clearly shows which system actually works better. The fact that you think you know better what life was like in SU than somebody who actually lived there really says everything I need to know about you. On top of that, I’ve linked numerous scientific studies for you showing that it’s not just my anecdotal experience.

What do you mean I’m too thick?

Exactly what I said, maybe work on your English comprehension?

I can’t really see any path towards fundamental changes in society either unfortunately. The most likely scenario is that we’re soon going to start seeing climate disasters that kill and displace millions of people. That will likely result in countries trying to do geoengineering, like seeding reflective particles in the upper atmosphere, in a panic.

I highly recommend reading The Ministry for the Future from KSR. He paints a very realistic future, and shows a plausible way we can restructure society to deal with the crisis. It’s simultaneously one of the most depressing and optimistic books I’ve read in a while.


The whole US infrastructure is designed around car use. Many places in US don’t even have functioning public transit, and certainly not at scale that could support mass use. Meanwhile, due to lack of any sane city planning, all the necessities are scattered so that they’re not in a walking distance. People have to drive to get to work, they have to drive to get to stores, and to do pretty much anything.

Higher gasoline prices aren’t going to change the amount of driving people do in a significant way because driving in US is a necessity. The way you reduce pollution and fuel burn is by building public transit infrastructure and doing city planning. US has shown itself to be utterly incapable of doing either.

You are a poster child for the power of brainwashing of western propaganda. Go back up in the thread an READ what opinion polls from people who lived in former Soviet countries say. Majority of them preferred communism. Your regime lies to you, and you’re too thick to even consider the possibility evidently.

I grew up in USSR, but do tell me more about what life under communism is actually like.

The point here is that the west has no place vilifying Russia. People in the west would do far better holding their own regimes to account rather than spending their time pointing fingers.

I would like to know why you think the U.S is a hostile Empire.

Because of the long and well documented history of atrocities that US has been committing against communist and socialist countries for around a century now. Here are a couple of books you should read if you want to understand the nature of the empire

But in the modern day, many of these communist nations inflict wounds on themselves via oppressing their own peoples, causing the UN to take action.

In the modern day US is blockading Cuba, Venezuela, and DPRK. In fact, US has just recently tried to run a coup in Venezuela. US has also just recently done a coup in Peru against a mildly leftist government. The regime US is backing there is currently murdering people protesting against it.

The U.S would love to work and better relations with the 5 Communist countries of today, however it is them that are the problem, not us.

This statement is not based in reality.

Juche and Stalinism are proven to be perverted from their missions of Communistic ideals and were made by corrupt people who had zero care for their own population.

You have no clue regarding the subject you’re attempting to debate. Here are some facts you might want to consider before you regurgitate more nonsense. First, let’s take a look at a few studies that clearly show how nonsensical your claims are:

Professor of Economic History, Robert C. Allen, concludes in his study without the 1917 revolution is directly responsible for rapid growth that made the achievements listed above possilbe: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

Study demonstrating the steady increase in quality of life during the Soviet period (including under Stalin). Includes the fact that Soviet life expectancy grew faster than any other nation recorded at the time: https://www.jstor.org/stable/2672986?seq=1

A large study using world bank data analyzing the quality of life in Capitalist vs Socialist countries and finds overwhelmingly at similar levels of development with socialism bringing better quality of life: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1646771/pdf/amjph00269-0055.pdf

This study compared capitalist and socialist countries in measures of the physical quality of life (PQL), taking into account the level of economic development https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2430906/

Next, let’s just look at how do people who lived under communism feel now that they got a taste of capitalism

Cuba, China, and Vietnam are all great examples to study. DPRK is doing well given that it’s completely blockaded by the global empire. Meanwhile, US has poured untold billions into propping SK up. Your argument completely ignores the fact that every communist country has to content with the aggression from the most powerful global empire to ever exist. It’s not like these countries are allowed to develop peacefully. Soviet Union provided a counterbalance and protected these countries from aggression by the US. Once it dissolved US redoubled its efforts to destroy these countries. If anything, the very fact that they are still around and thriving shows how resilient communism.

Meanwhile, adopting capitalist policies doesn’t make a country capitalist any more than adopting some social services makes a country communist. What makes a country communist or capitalist is determined by which class holds power.

You’ve got this completely backwards I’m afraid. If humans are indeed selfish, narcissistic, and greedy by nature then it’s capitalism and not socialism that’s incompatible with humans. We need systems that inhibit negative tendencies and encourage positive ones instead of the opposite. Capitalism is like inviting an alcoholic to a happy hour. We also have plenty of evidence that communism does in fact work, and consistently produces superior results to capitalism.

This is not entirely true, practical knowledge could be just shown, for example tool making etc. Also earliest known burials might predate the language, which shows some basic ideas can be maintained without language.

That’s true, but the set of behaviors that can be passed from one generation to another through imitation is inherently limited. The key thing that language allows is rapid accumulation of knowledge. That said, imitation of behavior is likely a precursor to language, so an important link in the chain. :)

And I really think that sort of singularity scenario might be the most plausible explanation. Maybe all the dark matter we observe is just civilizations that use their energy really efficiently across the spectrum and all they leak is their gravitational footprint. :P

Now they get to experience what living under an actual oppressive regime is like.