Are there reliable statistics that show this?

I’m trying to get an idea rolling for a mobile app that could handle the most used platforms on the Fediverse.

For example, let’s assume that Mastodon, Lemmy and Peertube turned out to be the most used platforms on the Fediverse. Would people be interested in a mobile app that could properly integrate all of these?


You can see statistics such as popular software by user count here: It’s run by the developer of Pixelfed.

Personally I never liked mastodon all that much, (I’d take pleroma,misskey,friendica + variants over it )so a little dispiriting to see it dominate with Google like proportions. Not surprised though.

The number of Mastodon users surprised me as well.

It certainly makes sense as people are looking for an alternative to a Melon Husk-led Twitter.

I do have confidence in the current Mastodon “leadership” to allow its growth to benefit all of the Fediverse including Lemmy.

That is, incredibly, helpful. Thanks so much!

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