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Yes, many smartphones are made so that batteries don’t keep taking in power when they’re charged, but not all of them. I honestly don’t know how to figure out which ones do.

Junk Drawer Phone as a Music Streaming Server
By installing LineageOS on a galaxy s7 the old phone was turned into a self-hosted Navidrome server, with this approach you can use old smartphones like single board computers. The problem with this could be that depending on the model the battery could overheat if you leave it charging. It would be interesting to have a list of which smartphones are compatible with this approach.

sorry maybe it wasn’t clear. I don’t really need to reduce power consumption. since this is the self-hosted channel of a solarpunk instance I was wondering what people do in their setup to be energy efficient in general, it’s not really to help me in particular

Tips for energy efficient self-hosting
I have a small ubuntu server running on a rockpi 4, I use it for everyday services like rss feeds (miniflux) and media (jellyfin). The only way I have found so far to be more resource efficient is to download movies and shows at lower resolution, this can reduce used bandwidth to a tenth. What other ways are there to save power and bandwitdth for everyday tasks?

figo. l’anno scorso avevo contattato quelli che gestiscono il sito solarpunk.it con annesse pubblicazioni per parlargli del fediverso (avevo parlato solo di mastodon mi pare) e si erano detti interessati ma volevano prima studiarselo meglio. forse se gli scrivi di lemmy potrebbero venire qua sopra

Last chance
The most well written solarpunk story I have read so far is Last Chance by Tyler Young, it can be found in the collection "Sunvault". It has a pretty pessimistic view of human behaviour towards the environment (regardless of political and economic systems) but it has compelling psychological characterization for the people in the story and how they would maintain life in the hypothetical future envisioned in the tale. Does anyone have recommendations for other good solarpunk stories?