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Count of comments is incorrectly increased by editing a comment on a separate instance
[I commented on a lemmy.ml thread from beehaw.org](https://lemmy.ml/comment/397120) . Even though my comment is the only one the count of the comments on lemmy is 8: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/98621cfe-889d-4274-a336-e00d4a5c5947.png) I believe this is a bug caused by edits to the comment (on beehaw.org) being counted as new comments on lemmy.ml.

The views on lemmygrad are very much outside the general acceptable norms for the English speaking internet.

Even if you agree with their views, you must admit that it is very off putting for most people who come to Lemmy.ml.

I think the purpose of a default instance should be to showcase the software, not to showcase the current community (which is dominated by lemmygrad users right now)…

I think either:

  1. We should have a new default instance.
  2. Have no default instance.
  3. Lemmy.ml should stop federating with lemmygrad.

Personally I have been using and promoting Lemmy less because I find the lemmygrad content off putting. I feel a similar way about this content as I did about place like r/thedonald in 2016.

This community exists as a sort of sister community/copycat community to the r/fuckcars subreddit.

I think both communities exist for the following reasons:

  • to raise awareness around the dangers, inefficiencies and injustice that can come from car dependence.
  • to discuss and promote alternative transport methods

I’m very uncertain about what content is allowed here and I think if the sidebar could specify a bit more that’d be nice.

yeah the sidebar could be a bit more clear. I will update it later today.

  • Find people on your course that can help you and that you can help. Teaching something you know to classmates helps you learn. There is a saying “one teach, two learn” and it is true.
  • Try to review the content of a lecture before attending the lecture. Even if it is a fast 5 minute skim of the material it will help you
  • Try to get an overview of the course at the start, again a quick skim might take an hour or so, but the content will be more familiar when you get around to it.
  • For maths and science Khan academy is really useful.
  • There is a short course on Coursera called ‘Learning how to learn’ that includes some of the above points, it is worth checking out.

@meloo@lemmy.perthchat.org sorry for the slow reply, yes that sounds great! I will link the chat room in the community description

r/sysadmin - Microsoft introducing ways to detect people “leaving” the company, “sabotage”, “improper gifts”, and more! (unverified)
I am not sure if the content of the post is true but the product it talks about does exist: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/communication-compliance?view=o365-worldwide

  • Climate change
  • Being inside a car in traffic.
  • Being outside a car in traffic and breathing the fumes.

There are lots of economic reasons to be anti-car but I think those are the ones that started it for me.

I think Uniswap is a layer 2 on to of Eth, so as long as ETH continues to sue proof of work, it is very unsustainable.

You really need to use common sense and do your own research to be sure if they are a scam or not. Ask questions like:

  • does it solve a problem other than making the holders money?
  • is it distributed fairly?
  • who controls distribution/txn confirmation?

If no problem is solved, or if a small number of entities are in control, then it is a scam.

From what I know Nano is not a scam (~95% of coins were distributed for free through CAPTCHAS and there is no inflation (or fees)).

Reddit is really good for hobby/niche content. Reddit communities have become the largest online communities for quiet a few different interests where previously the largest communities would be independent forums.

It would be great if some forums decided to use Lemmy. I guess there are barriers to this, e.g. user interface changes might not be wanted and it might be difficult to export/import the forum history.

The only way to stop an illness with a gun is a doctor with a gun

It looks like r/roms has also decided to use Lemmy as a fallback

yeah lol

Let’s hope it was a small and weak bug that can help security harden the system as a whole!

Layoffs hurt the company long term when the company should hope a boycott is short term.

Not using a seatbelt will still increase the chance that you are injured. This will put a burden on society.

Asking your estate to pay is useless if you have no money, insurance claims can reach the millions which most people can not afford. Pedestrians and cyclists aren’t and should not need to be insured.

If you don’t wear seatbelts you can hurt other people in the car.

If you don’t have vehicle insurance and you injur someone they won’t have any payout on top of being injured.

r/antiwork is planning a general strike for black friday
HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? - Spread the word! - Call in sick if you are forced to work on Black Friday spend time with your family instead - Remain at home and participate in your favorite activity on Friday, November 26 2021 - Talk to family and friends about your work/life struggles - Pass out flyers - Join /r/antiwork - Join /r/blackfridayblackout

I wonder if this is the chip that the valve handheld will use.

I don’t really agree that Brave should not be used because of a toxic fanbase.

I think the best reason not to use Brave is that they are a marketing/advertising company that claims to give their users privacy. Advertising companies will always have an incentive to invade privacy as it increase add revenues. Brave is just copying Google’s business model with extra steps.

Puting this here incase the redidt one gets banned.

I still use reddit as it has content lemmy doesn’t.

But yeah I think there is a lot of bots/shills that manipulate the conversation on reddit that doesn’t really happen on lemmy. This will happen on lemmy too if it gets big enough.

Federation is also cool. If lemmy does end up full of bots/shills then someone could make a new instance with some new rules that help to reduce the number of bots (e.g. answer some questions about a post to comment or something).