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That is cool then! I don’t see an application for myself at the moment, but anything that implements AWS services without Amazon (or any corp for that matter) is great in my book!

The top comment in the video is a very relevant point - make sure not to plant invasive species. Although that seems like a “check with your doctor first” type of warning, since I personally have no idea what species are native or not. It looks like the National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, and others have databases of this info (at least for the US), but I wonder where their data comes from.

Just letting my train of thought play out, but this seems like it would be a really good open data project, on the level of open street map, evolving with new information and research.

I’m trying to wrap my head around what the implementation of a self-hosted distributed filesystem looks like. Is the idea that I would get a few friends, all running servers in our separate homes, and run a garage instance across all of them?