• petrescatraianOP
    1 year ago
    Short explainer
    • TPBI (en:Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport Bucharest - Ilfov) is basically a local association that is responsible for the development of public transit in Bucharest and the Ilfov county that surrounds it. By itself is not dealing with the public transit, but it is more of a framework for their members to organize it (STB for Bucharest, STV for Voluntari, SCTM Ecotrans for Chitila and Mogoșoaia and Regioserv Transport for Buftea); Metrorex, the operator of the metro (subway/underground/whatever you want to call it) network is under the direct authority of the ministry of transport for some reason, although there is a price integration between TPBI (mostly STB) and Metrorex. The tram network is fully owned and operated by STB.
    • SEAP (The Electronic System for Public Acquisitions) is a centralized platform where public institutions announce their availibility to buy services (specially regarding investments of any kind).