An open-source distributed storage service you can self-host to fullfill many needs.

Garage leverages the theory of distributed systems, and in particular Conflict-free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs in short), a set of mathematical tools that help us write distributed software that runs faster, by avoiding some kinds of unnecessary chit-chat between servers.

Huh, “avoiding some kinds of unnecessary chit-chat” is the weirdest benefit of CRDTs to mention here (and I’m not sure it actually is a benefit)

I would have pointed out that they help multiple devices safely synchronise copies of data, or something 🤷

The word “efficient” doesn’t even appear in the main part of the Wikipedia page (just once in the footnotes):


I guess, they mean ensuring this safety is much more efficient when using such an algorithm. The naïve approach wouldn’t be eventually-consistent, so would require much more direct communication + conflict resolution between the servers.

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