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the state has no business deciding anything about aesthetics. Also incels.

For that you need different people and communities, not different tools

Mental health looks different for everybody. For instance, for me being too functional is the issue and I have to actively root myself in the world, intentionally connect with people, break the flow of work, union organizing, networking, building stuff. Alienation is the consequence and it looks very different from, for instance, my GF’s experience of ADHD+Autism related stress

Banners of Ruin. I guess I will be the only human in that world. Maybe they will kill me, maybe they will consider me a God.

I feel like the issue with these reddit alternatives, is the LACK of content and users.

You’ve just found out that software by itself doesn’t create communities. My teacher of Online Communities in university used to say that “you can’t create communities online, you can just intercept them”.

Reddit is successful because it managed to give space to plenty of communities that had no space before.

Lemmy won’t grow until reddit starts kicking out bigger chunks of people beyond nazis and tankies larpers that go too far or until it develops features capable of serving communities that reddit cannot serve (very unlikely, but not impossible even though I have no idea what those communities could be).

If you have a community that you think could benefit from lemmy, then go on. Hosting an instance won’t make a difference if you don’t.

at what stage are you in Satisfactory?

I play often automation games, management games and strategy games. I’m always looking for people to start a gaming group with, since I really don’t fit into gaming culture and I’ve left that world a long time ago.

Right now anyway I’m playing: Banners of Ruin, Timberborn (yeah no, I’m not a furry lol) and occasionally R6: Siege and Chivalry 2.

The Wheel of Time. A solid meter and a half of fantasy saga.

I can agree with this reading of SolarPunk and it’s kinda how I’m using it too. Nonetheless this doesn’t make it more of an aesthetic. You’re shifting the frame from considering SolarPunk as a model to considering it a tool.

Indeed SolarPunk is “used”, like every utopia, to promote a specific political model that is not necessarily represented inside the utopic model, in its content, in its narratives. There’s more than one layer. You call it “not being in your face”.

The author of the video, I believe, doesn’t make this distinction. For him, SolarPunk is a blueprint and taken as a blueprint, it lacks a lot of stuff. You might conflate the aestethic with the intentions and ideas of those using Solarpunk for a political goal, but they are not the same. In the world out there, most people take SolarPunk as a blueprint without looking at the broader “deeply anarchist project” behind it and think “it’s that easy”.

The video correctly highlight that it’s not that easy. The criticism I would make is that the video suggests to embed a set of values, considerations and narrative elements to the aesthetic that will inevitably make it lose its appeal as an utopia and fail in its purpose as a tool for agitation and the creation of desires.

why? I feel the same criticism has been developed more in depth by other people. The fact that there’s no social tension or politics implicit in the solarpunk aesthetic is a well-known problem. As is the general association of solarpunk with techno-optimism.

Also the video is not really criticizing the attitude or values of the “core” solarpunk writers and artists but more the reception in some internet circles. Let’s call it “base solarpunk”. That “base solarpunk” that exists in the mind of many is not a concept to be understood, but a forming ideology to be shaped that is just loosely coupled to solarpunk as an artistic aesthetic

better cross-instance user experience. Like now if you want to post to another instance you have to use the search bar and pray, right? Or is there a better way? If there’s a better way, I couldn’t find it. In general more streamlined “community discovery” features.

nowadays the core of leftist identity is in the form and rituals of disagreement with others that share the same identity. It’s fighting over the control of a house we used to live in together but the house has since burned down.

A bit late to the party but to add something: “socialist” in the USA means something and in Europe (but most of the world I would say) it means something else.

In the USA it means “anything left of Bernie Sanders” while elsewhere it can mean “achieving communism by taking over a state apparatus” or also “reforming the State and Society to incrementally get closer to a communist society”.

Given the rituals and vocabulary used on Lemmy we can safely assume the vast majority of the users are young Americans but it’s just barely left ambiguous than “leftist”.

What is the Tech Worker Movement? You might have heard the term "tech worker", born to distance ourselves from the idea that to produce technology you have to be a worker, not a hippie, startuppy, buzzword-spewing dude from California. The work we do is material, concrete, tangible, stressing even if often is not measurable. Without our work, digital technology wouldn't be possible. Delusions of full-automation fall short as soon as you spend a couple days with a sys-admin. Then we thought: there are other kinds of workers that are necessary to keep the big machine going. Without riders delivering food, Glovo, UberEats and Deliveroo won't run. WIthout drivers delivering packages, Amazon, YOOX, Zalando won't run. Without service people taking care of offices and feeding workers, no tech company would run. They are tech workers too. So the movement was born and is leading to the creation of more freedom, more rights, more autonomy and better technology. It's a galaxy of individuals, organizations, collectives, unions, squads of friends, computer programs, possibly some aliens and I'm sure at one meeting I've seen a talking dog that could write Python and was angry about their working conditions. (might have been a furry, idk) There's no reason the tech industry should be a meat grinder for most and a paradise for a selected few. There's no reason why the tech industry, in a time of climatic collapse, should be focused on toxic products like predatory ad-targeting, mass surveillance, betting, weapons and military software and many others. If let to itself, the tech industry will develop technology against us, against the planet, against our future, only to make profit. The responsibility is ours: we can create better conditions for ourselves to create better technology. The future is ours to write. If you want to join an organization: Tech Workers Coalition: https://techworkerscoalition.org/ Game Workers Unite: https://www.gameworkersunite.org/get-involved If you want to know more about the tech workers movement: https://logicmag.io/the-making-of-the-tech-worker-movement/full-text/

it’s a niche product that doesn’t provide any advantage to the average user compared to reddit and can’t make up for the critical mass reddit has.

It’s just another case of hackerism without a strategy that goes beyond “we make a tool, we hope eventually somebody will use it”

the written word is dead, said a guy on the internet.

Our attention span is being robbed and that’s true, but it doesn’t look at all like what he’s describing.

I think it goes farther than that. All the anarchists that I know that have a strategy for change and they pursue it never define themselves as anarchists unless forced to. The ones too attached to the identity and symbols tend to be more ineffective and irrelevant. We call them “the targets” because they play the very useful role of making people believe anarchism is about reading and writing about irrelevant stuff and smashing some windows occasionally just to spend 20 years in prison for it.

There’s no major force pushing users to adopt federated software beyond privacy concerns and distrust for big tech. This means mass adoption won’t happen unless big tech collapses or gets regulated to death by forces external to the fediverse.

The only strategy I’ve seen articulated so far for federated social media is “be ready for when scraps will fall from the table of Big Tech”.

I’ve created a few at this point and I can give you some mixed advices:

  • start with a clear path to impact: engage people only when you have a clear idea that goes from what you have now to a world changed for the better.
  • avoid engaging with politicized people too early and engage with people impacted by the problem you’re addressing first.
  • don’t go too horizontal too early: horizontality, democracy, fairness are a cost, a cost that most young organizations cannot sustain. Lay down a path from an early, efficient core to a more democratic organization with a clear transition process that triggers once the organization starts to be impactful. Transparency of intentions can make up for horizontality for a while.
  • a small organization of like-minded people can do more of a big organization. Bring on board people that already agree with you on the important topics and share your idea and your plan.
  • detach your public communication from your internal communication: what you say in public doesn’t have to be what you think or say in private. Learn how to play with it.
  • structure your internal processes as soon as possible. Having somebody with experienced with setting up organizations, designing processes, automating workflows, picking tools and structuring informations is very helpful. If you don’t have such a person, reach out to an organization that seems impactful and ask them for help.

Be aware that the author of this blog is a well known Italian nazi-transhumanist that is famous for making shit up about himself, his expertise and the IT industry since the early '00. Don’t trust a single word that comes out of his mouth.

yeah but for what purpose? What new order would they try to install by committing such transgression?

This would be taboo maybe, but the kind of taboo that doesn’t get questioned, it’s just part of the new order, unchallengeable power. If you did actually violate such a taboo you would probably just be edgy